May 3, 2019 | by Kyasia Hunt
Acadiana Mall Store Closings

The Acadiana Mall has stores that have closed down, which includes the popular store Charlotte Russe, Payless, Gap kids, Gap, Things Remembered and Banana Republic.

The reason why these stores have closed its doors is because of the rent that the mall requires all tenants to pay.

“The reason why stores are closing is because of their cooperate company and come October we will be about 98 percent leased,” said Nikki Nugier, general manager of the Acadiana Mall.

Even though big corporations stores have closed down due to bankruptcy,  boutique stores such as Blu Spero are not affected.

“Boutiques are more local because they are ran by small companies and its a specialty store, ” said Rachel Sawyer, store manager at Blu Spero. “People come to shop specifically with us and know what they want to buy.”

Sawyer said she believes that if the mall would get better quality food that it could possibly attract more customers as well as cleaning the mall better.

” I find that the mall is a little bit dirty,” said Sawyer.

Having a store close down takes a toll on the environment. According to Jillian Johnson, a former associate that worked at GAP, she wants rent to be changed in the mall. She said rent is the reason that gap closed and rent was between $20 to $30 thousand a month.

“The store was only bringing barely a million per year, so that’s a lot for rent,” said Johnson.

Finding another job took Johnson less than a week to find.

“If I didn’t find Altar’d  State so quickly, I would still be out of a job,” said Johnson.

Allie Nelson, another former associate that worked at gap wasn’t quite as lucky.

“It took me two months to find another job and Gap didn’t help us find another job either,” said Nelson.

From changing jobs, she now makes less money than before.

“I went from making $10 at Gap to now making $8,” said Nelson.

According to the graph by chain store guide newsroom, more chain stores will be closed in 2019.




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