April 29, 2015 | by Brooke Alexander
CampusCats: Saving One Kitty At A Time

Have you noticed there are fewer feral cats on campus than there used to be?

That’s the result of three years of work by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette CampusCats, a student organization sworn to protect and serve the on-campus cat community.

Since the organization began in 2012, the group has trapped 118 cats and had them spayed or neutered before releasing them back on campus. The group found homes for about 20 of the cats.

Laura Hundy, president of CampusCats, said the organization stopped trapping the cats on campus this semester because it didn’t have the help and resources to continue it.

“We’ve already trapped all of the feral cats that were on campus and that was the original mission of when the group was started,” Hundy said.

If she sees a need to continue trapping the cats, she said she has the help of SpayNation, a sister organization founded by the Wild Cat Foundation.

With trapping at a halt, Hundy said the money the organization gets from fundraising events now is used to buy food and provide medical care for the cats.

Last year, the organization raised about $500 to help care for the cats, Hundy said. This year, the group only raised about $360, she said.

Hundy identified three colonies of feral cats on campus. She declined to reveal their locations to protect the safety of the cats. We captured this video of her feeding one of the colonies.

Aileen and Ryan Farrar, graduate students at the time, contacted Paula Stude-Alesi, former UL Lafayette student and one of the founders of Wild Cat Foundation, for a cat problem where they lived. UL CampusCats was born.

The next year, the Wild Cat Foundation, along with UL CampusCats, received a Community Partnership Award from the Ragin’ Recognition board, said Stude-Alesi.

“The safest place in Lafayette, Louisiana, to be a cat is UL,” Stude-Alesi said.

With the semester coming to an end, Hundy and her vice president, Emily Larkin, are graduating and looking for people to take their places. If you have any questions or want to get involved, contact Laura Hundy at lhundy89@gmail.com.

Here is more of what Hundy had to say about the cats:

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