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    UL Chem-E-Car Going National

    Two teams of University of Louisiana at Lafayette engineering students built chemically-powered cars that received

    May 2nd | by Olatunde Soyombo


    Campus Bicycle Service's Popularity Surprises Creators

    The Geaux Vélo bicycle sharing program is attracting more students than previously anticipated in the

    April 21st | by Leah Cavalier


    Smoking Ban Ignites Subculture

    The smoking ban on campus has created a subculture in the only area where smoking

    April 18th | by Jalen Greenhouse


    Pro-Trump Graffiti Hits Campus

    Students returned from spring break Monday to graffiti urging them to support #buildthewall, vote for Trump and

    April 7th | by Kailey Broussard


    Honors Program Raises Money to Renovate Third Floor

    Students in the Honors Program wander through the first and second floors of Judice-Rickels Hall,

    March 24th | by Leah Cavalier


    Humans Versus Zombies: All About Survival

    Humans versus Zombies is a week-long game of tag that has inspired worldwide gameplay, a

    March 16th | by Kailey Broussard


    Get your kicks from this new MMA class

    In the judo room of Bourgeois Hall, students gear up to learn and practice the

    February 27th | by Leah Cavalier


    Cypress Lake: A History

    Despite being the swampy heart of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Cypress Lake's origins

    April 29th | by Jessica Manafi

    Have you noticed there are fewer feral cats on campus than there used to be? That's the...

    April 29, 2015 | by 

    In a quest to find what some may consider a perpetually lost settlement, one professor...

    March 11, 2015 | by 

    In the middle of the February,  the University of Louisiana at Lafayette was invaded by a...

    March 11, 2015 | by 
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