March 8, 2018 | by Madison Douglass
Catholic Schoolgirl Strips on Springer

[Left: Mary Grace Constantin at her high school graduation from Louisiana State University Laboratory School (U- High). Right: Mary Grace Constantin working at Crazy Horse Cabaret in Port Allan, La.]

Former Baton Rouge Catholic schoolgirl, 21, found a career as an exotic dancer and landed a spot on The Jerry Springer Show last month.

Mary Grace Constantin was invited on The Jerry Springer Show on Feb. 5 to explain the disputing drama between her “stripper sister”, Sam, and herself. The episode titled, “Springer Strippers Get Revenge,” began with Constantin flashing her chest at the audience as she was introduced by Springer. The 21-year-old dancer explained how she had sexual relations with her co-worker’s boyfriend as revenge for ruining her birthday spent in New Orleans.

“One day her man comes into work when she’s not there. He sits down at the bar. I sit with him,” Constantin said. “We start talking, drinking for about an hour. I ask him, ‘Can you bring me home? I’m drunk.’ He gives me a ride home and I ask him to come inside with me. He comes inside and we hooked up.”

Her “stripper sister” is welcomed to the stage as Constantin takes off her over-the-knee, leather boots and the two begin physically fighting and loudly arguing over the man.


Constantin works at Crazy Horse Cabaret, an adult entertainment club in Port Allen, Louisiana, as a dancer and server. Constantin declined an interview after multiple attempts via phone and social media. She has been recently seen at work in company pictures and by locals who have known her over the years.

“I met Mary Grace my freshman year of high school through mutual friends who had gone to middle school with her. We ended up dating not long after,” Brady Bergeron, a Baton Rouge local said. “She was nice at first, but we broke up a couple months later because she was too busy ‘gettin’ litty in the city’, as she says. Who would’ve thought she’d become a stripper appearing on Jerry Springer? Oh wait, we all did.”

[Mary Grace Constantin posing on a rock for a photo shoot]

Constantin attended Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School for elementary and middle school. For high school, she attended Louisiana State University Laboratory School (U-High) where she played volleyball and basketball.

“I went to Mercy and U-High with her. I saw her play volleyball and hang around girls I hung around with,” said another Baton Rouge local who wished to remain anonymous. “Part of me isn’t surprised to hear she is a stripper though.”

Constantin accepted a scholarship to Jacksonville State University to pursue her basketball career and earn a degree after high school. However, according to a high school volleyball teammate, she left the school after her first semester.

[Mary Grace Constantin – Jacksonville basketball]

Constantin’s former teammate said Constantin was interested in drugs and alcohol more than athletics. According to this source, there were never any rules or structure in the Constantin household and she was known for making parties a priority over school.

“We all knew if she didn’t make it to college, she’d turn out somewhat like this,” said the teammate. “Her sister was a stripper and her mom didn’t seem to care that she had also taken that path.”

“She always joked about dropping out and becoming a stripper,” the source said. “But I guess it wasn’t actually a joke.”

My name is Madison Douglass. I’m 21 and originally from Baton Rouge, La. I’m a senior at UL majoring in Journalism and minoring in Business. I hope to become an event coordinator after graduating in August. My role for this course is feature writer.

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