March 19, 2019 | by Kyasia Hunt
Cut the Fees

A student organization on University of Louisiana at Lafayette campus is spreading awareness about the cost of tuition to students.

Kaleb Moore, President of the Young Americans for Liberty organization, is taking a stand to the high rise of student fees.

“The fees aren’t capped at state level, and it attributes less to students’ academics,” Moore said.

Therefore, students are complaining to him about the cost of tuition and that pushed him over the edge. He said people who are struggling to pay for college must pay for everything the university does, and that’s unfair.

The organization voices their opinions on social media to spread awareness. Moore said the organization uses Twitter to let students know about how tuition keeps rising.

“There has been five viral tweets that have came out with the hashtag cut the fees slogan,” Moore said.

Besides Twitter, the organization uses chalking, which consists of writing hashtags and their “Cut the Fees” slogan on campus.

The cost of tuition has been an ongoing issue for the university. Patricia Cottonham, Vice President for Student Affairs, said the majority of the fees are student asset fees that is voted on by the student body. Once the student body votes yes, then it becomes a fee that all students have to pay.

“The non-student asset fees have to be voted on by the state board,” Cottonham said.

Before tuition started to increase, the university was able to depend on the state for funding and depend less on students.

“When the state was putting more money into the university, they started to cut back on education,” Cottonham said.

Once the state pulled back their support, the money had to come from somewhere else, and that caused tuition to increase. With raising school fees, the university officials do as best they can to keep students into consideration.

“Teachers and other officials will not work for free, so money goes into paying them as well,” Cottonham said.

The university has a president that is committed to making the campus better for students. Cottonham said because students cannot see the hard work that is put into the university, they have a hard time seeing where the money is going.

The cost of UL Lafayette tuition can average about $5,407 per year for students that live in-state. The cost can be considered cheaper by 56 percent compared to the average tuition, which is $12,271. The university also charges an extra expense of $4,481.

According to the chart from tuition will continue to increase. By the year 2022, tuition and fees can reach almost $40,000.


Erineka Johnson contributed to this story.

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