March 16, 2016 | by Kailey Broussard
Humans Versus Zombies: All About Survival

Humans versus Zombies is a week-long game of tag that has inspired worldwide gameplay, a spinoff movie and countless strategies concocted by university students, faculty and staff.

How do you play? You’ll need a bandana, some socks and a Nerf blaster to begin. From there, gameplay begins with everyone — save the Original Zombie and a couple of game administrators — as humans. Additionally, the game requires players to register through HvZ SOURCE, which catalogs the fallen humans.

Those who survive long enough to remain human defend themselves from zombies by remaining in small groups with blaster in hand. The game becomes more intense as more and more humans are infected and crawl over to the side of the undead. Students’ days detract from homework and home commutes and become all about survival — or, perhaps, the feed.

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Humans versus Zombies games began roughly three years ago. Hosted by the Residence Hall Association, the game drew in 42 players during the spring after being canceled in the fall due to increased sensitivity from the Paris terrorist attacks and the Grand 16 Theatre shooting.

However, similar to how other universities resumed modified gameplay following the Virginia Tech shooting, UL Lafayette did the same. Students returned to the simulation with zeal as well as their own approach to gameplay.

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