March 25, 2019 | by Aaron Gonsoulin
Hypnotist Chris Jones Visits UL

This past Tuesday, hypnotist Chris Jones entertained students while proving some skeptics of his craft wrong at the same time.

Put on by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s University Program Council in the Student Union, Jones and his popular routine gathered the attention of UL Lafayette.

Tyler Hunter, a sophomore mechanical engineering major and UPC entertainment coordinator, said they wanted to bring something fun for UL Lafayette students.

“This event is being put on because we are trying to get more awareness for people and have more entertainment shows toward the campus,” Hunter said.



Jones attended UL Lafayette back in 2017 and because of the success, UPC wanted to bring him back.

“We’re expecting a big turn out, and it’s even bigger than we thought,” Hunter said.

One of the students who attended, sophomore finance major Nick York, said he attended because he was interested to see if hypnosis was real, though he did add he believes in hypnosis to an extent.

“I believe you can be put in a different state, but I don’t think he can make you act like a duck or the weird stuff he says,” York said.

For students like York, having someone like Jones come in is different because they haven’t had anything like this before, according to Hunter. 

“You get your normal comedians and normal talkers and everything like that but it’s something different that I think is a great thing to bring to the campus,” Hunter said.

Though Hunter did say he believes in it, he did add he wasn’t aware there were skeptics of hypnosis.

Jones said he’s OK with that, but wants people to keep an open mind, adding how it doesn’t bother him.

“I would say it does bother me if you’re not willing to change your opinion because that’s what science is,” Jones said. “It may never be perfect but change your opinion based on more information you gather.”

With a crowd of eager students, and possibly a few volunteers, Jones said he’s here to have fun.

“I’m here to hopefully make people laugh,” Jones said. “Maybe I’ll change some people’s minds. Maybe I’ll help people destress a little bit, those are my goals, to show them something they’ve never seen before.”

Jones said he is going to say certain words to get volunteers hypnotized, citing its mostly made on the fly.

“It’s mostly jazz music, and it’s largely improvised,” Jone said.

Jones said hypnotizing people usually works, as he made a student think he can see through people’s clothes. 


“It’s crazy because the best volunteers are the ones that are skeptical,” Jones said.

Jones, who began hypnotizing people nine years ago, got into it because he wanted to see the world.

“In 2010, I was done with graduate school, and I had a regular job at a university,” Jones said.“I’ve been to all 50 states.”

Unlike regular shows, Jones cited the difference in the college atmosphere as one of his favorite aspects of his job.

“College is cool because they have energy,” Jones said. “I do corporate shows, and it’s not that much fun, but these people are here to have fun.”

And after two hours of fun, laughs and gasps, Vallen Mouton, a sophomore chemical engineering major at UL Lafayette, said she has changed her mind on hypnosis after watch Jones.

“I didn’t believe it at first, but now, I feel like I don’t have a choice but to believe it,” Mouton said. “It wasn’t a coincidence all the things that were happening.”

Mouton said her favorite part is when they started dancing, adding how she never seen anything like that before.

“It was really interesting to watch, and it was very different,” Mouton said.

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