April 18, 2018 | by Julissa Lopez
A Little Something Extra at UL Lagniappe Day Hosted by UPC

University Program Council at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette definitely offered a little something extra with its festivities, live music and 20,000 pounds of crawfish at Lagniappe Day April 13, 2018.

Lagniappe Day, which in the past was Lagniappe week, is a UL Lafayette tradition. Always hosted near finals week, the event allows students to take a break from their studies and enjoy the time to let loose with friends in Ragin’ Cajun fashion. This year’s theme boasted “Crawfete.”

“It means crawfish party,” said Mary Margaret Gil, Lagniappe Day Coordinator for the UPC and a sophmore in accounting. “So it’s just like celebrating our tradition and having a great big party as Ragin’ Cajuns.”

Gil said planning had begun very early into the semester between her and some members of UPC.

“I am the main coordinator of the event,” Gil said, “Myself, as well as the coordinator, we have worked all semester planning this event.”

The party kicked off bright and early with an opportunity to canoe in the famous Cypress Lake. Students lined up under the cypress trees and waited for turns to model lifejackets on their trip around the lake (gators included).

Another pair of lines also formed for special Crawfete shirts and a limited number of stuffed alligators sporting similar shirts.

Live music was provided throughout the event by band Magic Crawfish who played covers of music from Panic! at the Disco to Twenty One Pilots.

After casual canoeing, the crawfish boil began and eager students, family and faculty formed a stretching line to get a plate piled high with crawfish, potatoes and corn before heading back to Cypress Lake for the annual Lake Jump.

The lake jump is a tradition that was created by Philip Beridon in 1977, according to the UL Lafayette website. This year, lucky lake jumpers were Gil and UPC Director of Traditions April Pruitt.

The day closed out with canoe races that allowed student organizations and groups of friends to race across Cypress Lake for this year’s bragging rights.

Although the jalapeno eating contest was cancelled, the event still saw a substantial number of guests. Though unsure just how many people would be attending the event when asked, Gil said she expected a turnout.

“I don’t know how many (people),” Gil said, “But enough that 20,000 pounds of crawfish is needed.”

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