April 8, 2019 | by Kyasia Hunt
National Women’s Conference

The national women’s conference was held at University at Louisiana at Lafayette on March 21 and included female speakers that talked about how it’s hard for women in the workforce.

The national women’s conference is always held in March, which is Women’s History Month.

“The purpose of the conference is to provide an opportunity for women in all stages in their careers to come together to empower each other and talk about how to succeed in a male-dominated environment,” said Taniecea Mallery, the director of Equity, Diversity and Community Engagement on UL Lafayette’s campus.

Every year at the conference, there are well-known people in the community who speak about how it’s hard being a woman in an environment that’s dominated by men. This year at the lunch panel keynote discussion were three news personalities: Darla Montgomery, Marcelle Fontenot and Jazmin Thibodeaux, and they spoke about their struggles.

They said working in a male-dominated world is not easy.

“Ageism, sexism and racism are the main three negative things that I encounter on a daily basis,” Fontenot said.

She said when she first auditioned for the role of an anchor, phone calls were made saying, “Don’t put the black girl there just because she’s black.”

Like Fontenot, Montgomery also faced discrimination.

“Because of my height, I had to speak louder, be very direct, and know how to negotiate my contract,” Montgomery said.

She said she had to learn how to negotiate because she wanted fair and equal pay.

Thibodeaux agreed with the ladies because it has been difficult for her in the stage of her career.

“My job is a one-man band,” Thibodeaux said.

She said she does everything by herself which includes, writing, editing and creating the video.

The ladies left on the note of saying be who you are and be strong. Also, be secure in who you are and the only person that you can compete with is yourself.

Every year, the university and the community have the desire to put on the conference.

According to the statistics by Pew Research Center, changes has been made in the work place but needs more improvement.






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