May 6, 2018 | by Zandria Thomas
Seniors’ Rings Sailed to Swamp for UL’s Graduation Tradition

Graduation is near for University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s anticipating seniors and our future Ragin’ Cajun graduating seniors of 2018 start it off with the little known UL Lafayette tradition.

The night before the ring ceremony all of the graduates who decided to participate, put their ring in a specialty made box. The box is then placed in a decorated Ragin’ Cajun boat. UL Lafayette’s ROTC students carry the boat to Cypress Lake, UL Lafayette’s very own swamp.

Once the boat touches the water it is sailed off in the swamp for an overnight stay.

Don’t worry! No one will be able to take the rings because it is guarded by the UL Lafayette’s ROTC.

According to Cadet Looney the reason why ROTC cadets guard the rings is because in the past rival schools would come to UL Lafayette and steal all of the rings.

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Photo credit: Klint Landry, UL Lafayette Social Media Team.


Zandria Thomas, Mass Communication-Broadcasting, On Air Personality, 23, New Orleans

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