March 11, 2015 | by Kaila Jackson
We Try Speed Dating

Finding a date that’s actually worth your time can be hard at this age unless fate randomly happens to pair you with that perfect someone.  Until that happens, looking for a date takes time, and none of us has enough of that.

However, technology has come to the rescue and made it easier to meet new people. From blind dating to online dating sites, you have plenty of options. But what if you’re looking for a less intimidating setting and a chance to meet a lot potential dates in a short amount of time? Speed dating might be the answer.

Speed dating, just as the name implies, is a fast date. Women sit at a table and wait to be approached by a man. The men rotate among the tables and spend up to five minutes with each woman. During that time, you can ask each other anything and decide if you want to meet again after the event.

Still wondering if it’s for you? Maybe this will help.

I attended a speed dating event in the Student Union last month to see what it was like. Here’s what I learned.

I had four speed dates and met some interesting guys. I have to admit, though, it was hard to find a date initially because the switching of seats confused me. But once I got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing from there.

One date in particular was different from the others. His approach was quite compelling, and we learned a lot about each other in just 60 seconds of talking. We discussed school and our aspirations in life after graduation. He told me he had seen me around campus. I was quite flattered. We were still talking when our time was up, and he had to move to another table.

I went into the event not knowing what to expect, but I definitely enjoyed it. I met guys I never would have spoken to in a normal situation.  Although I didn’t make a real love connection, I made some new friends. I will try it again if the university holds another one.

If you’ve ever thought about trying speed dating, go for it. It’s not as bad as it sounds. Besides, what do you have to lose? You might meet the love of your life. At the very least, you can meet a lot of new people without wasting precious time.



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