April 24, 2018 | by Kristen Kolwe
University Ghost Encounter: Meeting Lily at Harris Hall


At University of Louisiana at Lafayette, I found out recently there is a haunted elevator in the all-girls dorm Harris Hall. Naturally, I had to go check it out for myself.

This task was a little harder than I first thought. First, I had to wait for someone to leave through the front door so I could catch the door and sneak inside the building. Secondly, I had to figure out what exactly goes down every night here in this hall’s elevator.

There were many different things being said about what exactly happens each night, but one thing for sure was I could not find many people to talk about it and I could not find anyone to actually want to get on the elevator with me.

My time checking it out is split into three separate visits. The first visit I got into the dorm during the day to get a lay of the land and so I could have in my head what I was possibly about to get myself into. The second is when I returned at night.

After researching this event online, it was said in many articles that the elevator is said to “drop” and do its own thing every night at 11:46 p.m. That mysterious work of the elevator isn’t just the mechanics, but said to be the ghost of Lily, a girl who died in the elevator over 50 years ago. The elevator apparently did drop then; due to mechanics while she was inside of it. And now the rumor is she is still here haunting it every night.

The first night I went, at 11:46 it did not drop. I was disappointed for sure. But I realized the time had just changed due to Daylight Savings. So I decided to come back another night and stay until 12:46 a.m and see if the elevator would do its thing and my vlog above is what I discovered…

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